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  • Take your photography to the next level.
  • ​Motivation to create work that's different than everyone else.
  • ​​Improve your creative skills.
  • ​​Exchange boredom with excitement while photographing.
  • ​Build a portfolio you're proud and confident to share with your clients.
  • Never be stagnant, always have a plan to photograph.
  • See your work with new vision... 
  • Simplify shooting steps once and for all!

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My bold promise to you... do the steps in the workshop and you WILL take photographs with a new creative perspective!

Janice Sullivan

Master Photographer and Founder of The Creative Mentorship Program

"People you don't know will see your pictures and ask if they can buy a print because you're confident to share them with the world!"

Hello photographer lover,

I know the frustrating feeling of taking pictures that are boring, average, and like everyone else.

That's why I spent years and years perfecting how to take gorgeous photos... 

There are some basic steps YOU MUST DO to take beautiful photos, and they are right here in my new free training.   

(My bold promise to you... let's take creativity to the next level!)

If you want people to gasp in delight at your photos then this concise training is going to help you in a huge way.

PLUS, when you watch the training you will get The Ultimate Creative Checklist with so much goodness FOR FREE.

Watch this behind-the-scenes live training event now, and get ready for growth!

Janice Sullivan
Master Photographer in Fine Art and 
Founder of The Creative Mentorship Program
About Janice Sullivan:
Janice has worked with magazines editors, art buyers, interior designers, and licensed images to the hospitality industry & art printing companies. 

Her work is on EnLive Smart TV app on Google TV, Samsung Smart Hub, Yahoo TV and ROKU devices available to 91 million Internet streaming devices. 

She has taught at and was a Master Photographer at The Arcanum mentoring fine art macro and landscape photographers. 

She has been in photography art shows and knows how hard it is to be noticed within the sea of other photographers out there...

Her website is one of the top 15 Macro Photography sites to follow in the world!

She is also the founder of The Creative Mentorship Program and works with photographers 1-1 with her Creative Method approach. 

Her life calling is to help other photographers be happy by making work that they love.
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