This is for the serious Macro and Landscape photographers that want to push themselves to the next level without squirreling around.
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Hello Macro & Landscape Photographer, 

If your Photography Creative Strategy is mainly just "guesswork"... 

And if you want confidence that the steps you take will definitely make you a better photographer...

Then this is the most important info you'll read all year. 

Because for a limited time, I want to gift you my best-selling course to take your photography from where you're at now to the next level...

In the shortest time possible.

The same Strategy I used to build a professional photography business!

More importantly...

The same system I've helped photographers in a saturated industry use to win awards, build strong portfolios & earn cash for their work.

I took everything that works for my business & for my students and turned it into an A-Z Photography Building Roadmap for Macro and Landscape photographers called:

The Kickstart Project. 

Inside, I cut the fluff and ONLY give you the essentials you need to start you on the correct path to achieve your creative goals in the shortest time possible. 

 It works if you want to improve photographing...

 It works if you need more post-processing techniques... 

 It works if you don't understand light 

 It even works if you have no niche... it will get you there! 

What We Do in the Kickstart Project

  • Big Picture: We focus on what you want from your Photography 
  • Goals: We work on the main goals to get you to your Big Picture
  • Plan: Next, we set a plan to make sure you're doing what needs to be done for your BP.
  • BONUS: Janice's Follow Through Formula for Macro and Landscape photographers.
In fact, this system works SO well that recently we made a very bold (and some might say CRAZY) move... 

To share The Kickstart Project as a gift when you join The Adventurers of the f-Stop Inner Circle...
This project is worth $1,397 USD... I know you're saying to yourself right now,  "that so expensive!".  
Here's the thing, it works, and you get it for LIFE!

What’s The Adventurer of the f-Stop Inner Circle? 

Well, allow me to explain :-) 

The AFS Inner Circle is an exclusive community unlike any you’ve experienced before... 

Inside you will meet photographers from around the world. They are all on their own missions to impact lives, using their products & services. 

And they’ve jumped into my Inner Circle to connect, to share, and most importantly… 

Because they want a guaranteed path to success. 


They want to get access to me and my team, every week, so they can get the advice & feedback they need to move their photography forward… 

And be certain that they are spending their time efficiently & effectively to succeed in their photography. No more squirreling around!

As A Member Of The Adventurer Inner Circle, 
You'll Be Able To...

  • Follow a proven path to build your own photographic style, learn & get help online without the guesswork... 
  • Avoid making the same mistakes other photographers do by waisting thousands of dollars thinking they need the best equipment...
  • Uncover your unique "Genius Zone"... Aka. That skill or solution that is commonsense to you, so you'll make time to photograph and want to express yourself!
  • Build a photography portfolio you can be proud of, so you can share & submit your work to the world with confidence.
  • Stop hustling, taking tons of classes & workshops, and wearing all the hats... START doing things that will actually grow your photo journey. I'll show you what your "needle movers" are, so you have clarity on what to do & when. 
  • Turn your Genius Zone into an irresistible online portfolio...  (I'll show you how to stand out in the places where you should be standing out)... 
  • ​​​No longer be overwhelmed... Get access to my user-friendly tools to build up your goal sets and to actually complete what you've planned. Move forward with your photography faster than you've done before!

So, What Exactly Is Included In
The Adventurer of the f-Stop Inner Circle?

FREE Live workshops every month...
You'll receive free access to all of Janice's LIVE virtual workshops, held once a month. These incredible, inspiring and action-focused workshops will leave you refreshed and buzzing, excited for your adventure that lies ahead…

We photograph together so you have practical, powerful steps & strategies that you will increase your creativity and goal awareness, and basically just become better photographer!
2x LIVE Group Coaching Calls Every Month...

Access to our twice monthly members-only "Live Coaching Calls"... Join Janice and her team of Experts for a 2-hour Q&A session, answering any questions about your photography and/or photography business.

These calls are a powerful time for connection and clarity, as you & a group of likeminded, committed Adventures work on your goal sets to move you forward in you photography journey.

Monthly Access To Our World Class Course Library
As long as you remain inside the Adventurer Inner Circle, you'll be able to unlock a new world-class training course every month (over 6+ to choose from, each valued at up to $1,397 USD!) 

These cover everything you need to understand your equipment and tools, grow your creative photography ideas by finding your voice, building your brand, taking the steps to make a photography business, and more.

PLUS as an added bonus, as soon as you become a trial member today, we'll unlock Janice's past workshops instantly and her #1 top Kickstart Project which is the best course to start you on the right track to move you quickly from where you are to where you want to be.
Join The Movement Inside The AFS Community Group
The Adventurer Inner Circle Community Group is an exclusive private group for those participating in the Adventurer Inner Circle Program. This is the perfect place to discuss your progress, get image feedback and to celebrate the wins!

You'll make life-long friends and be able to be cheered on in your new Adventure as a Macro & Landscape photographer :-)
Join Our Community Of Likeminded Photographers 
On A Risk-Free 30-Day Trial...
For Just $1 USD Today!
Billed monthly, cancel anytime.
  • Free Workshop Events
  • 2x Monthly Live Q&A Calls with Janice
  • Access to Private Community Group
  • Monthly access to Janice's training library 
  • Submit a question per week to Janice's Team
  • Access Janice's swipes & templates
  • 15min Welcome Call with Janice or her Team
Risk free, no lock-in contracts
  • Free Workshop Events
  • 2x Monthly Live Q&A Calls with Janice
  • Access to Private Community Group
  • Monthly access to Janice's training library 
  • Submit a question per week to Janice's Team
  • Access Janice's swipes & templates
  • 15min Welcome Call with Janice or her Team
Billed annually.  It's about 3 months free.
  •  Free Workshop Events
  • Access Private Community Group
  • 2x Monthly Live Q&A Calls with Janice
  • Submit a question per week to Janice's Team
  • Unlimited access to Janice's training library 
  • Access Janice's swipes & templates
  • 1 Hour Goal Setting Call with Janice

Who Is The Adventurer of the f-Stop Inner Circle For?

Macro Photographers

Adventurous Photographers who
take risks and go for it!

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