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Learn, Be Inspired to find your tribe.

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Janice Sullivan

Master Photographer and Adventurer Day Hostess :-)
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You will experience the most productive time you've EVER spent on your photography career.  

You'll achieve more with our time together than you have in the last 3 weeks...or you pay nothing!

Build & Create Practical Strategies
We build and create some of my favorite All-time Strategies within 3 hours...

We work on a variety of research ideas, find your tribe together, and do the work on this workshop.
Your Goals, Less Work
Everything you'll learn is focused on helping you build a fun exciting experience...

The main reason we all started our
photographic life in the first place right?!  :-)


Thinking about joining me on an Adventurous Day?
These photographers did - check out what they had to say...
"What makes this special is that the workshop is live in real time so that you can get immediate help from Janice as you work on photographing. I also like that there is time allotted to review the images with Janice and the other participants right after photographing." Debbie Stevenson
"I was happy to have Janice and other members from the workshop immediately available if I ran into any problems. The Workshop pushes you to work on something while hearing and seeing other photographers working on that same thing. It opens a space for exchange of ideas and solutions." Claudia Gonzalez
"Janice knows exactly what she is talking about, knows how to explain herself and really does push you to improve and break that comfort zone to pieces!" Elise Cotter
"Thank you so much for hosting this workshop today. So much great info!" Matthew Lederman
"The workshop was interesting, very instructive and motivational. A stimulus to continue finding one’s voice in photographic expression. It’s very enjoyable and friendly. Learning by sharing concerns is a good way forward. The just and necessary theory and a lot of practice." JR Martos
"I liked that there were several Q&A portions throughout instead of just the end. It was an eye opener… not all technical but more of a deeper look into ones self and the “whys” of what we photograph." Skeeter Arnold
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Meet Janice Sullivan

I have worked with magazines, art buyers, interior designers, and licensed images to the hospitality industry & art printing companies. 

My work is on EnLive Smart TV app on Google TV, Samsung Smart Hub, Yahoo TV and ROKU devices available to 91 million Internet streaming devices. 

I have taught at and was a Master Photographer at The Arcanum mentoring fine art macro and landscape photographers. 
I have also been in photography art exhibitions & shows...
Through all of this I know how hard it is to be noticed within the sea of other photographers out there, but if I can do it…so can you! 

It’s all about sharing your 1000 words to the people that want to listen, which is YOUR Tribe!
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